Black Sands Brewery (Civic Center plus Muni)

Black Sands provides fresh small batch beer; tasty burgers and other dishes; and cocktails for those so inclined.  The surprise?  They also offer a morning coffee bar and a home-brew supply shop where they share recipes for their own beers.

This small brewery is on the bike route through this section of town called The Wiggle, a detour that skirts some of the more daunting hills between the east and west sides of town.  It was once a secret route, but now it is painted on the street in front of Black Sands.

Extras: Black Sands is 1 1/2 blocks from Toronado and seven blocks from Magnolia Brewpub.

701 Haight Street, San Francisco • 415.534.5194 

othersimplebus It’s over a mile from BART and uphill, so you may want to hop a bus to get to the corner of Haight and Pierce. From Civic Center BART, exit on the north side of Market Street. Take MUNI bus #6 or #7 up Haight Street. Get off at Pierce Street. Cross Haight and Pierce to Black Sands on the corner.

• From south of the City, if you prefer, get off at 16th St BART, exit on the east side of Mission Street. Take the 22 Fillmore bus from the northeast corner of 16th and Mission (If you pay cash, ask for a transfer for your return trip). Get off at Haight Street. Cross Fillmore and just walk a couple of blocks west to Pierce.

• If you prefer to use the MUNI underground rather than a MUNI bus, you can walk about 3 blocks from the N Judah stop at Duboce and Noe Streets. Cross the park to emerge onto Pierce St., directly across. Continue to Haight.

Official Civic Center Station and connecting transit info.